Medieval/Fantasy/Horror Gorey movie

So there was this movie I watched as a kid, back in 2005 probably.. not sure when the movie came out but it looked a bit old but it was in colour, it may have looked old because it was a medieval setting and everything was dark. It was in english. The movie was my dad’s and I came across it as a kid and watched the whole thing, it was horrifying. I remember there being pigs in the beginning of the movie? And men’s heads being cut off. It was outdoors and in a barn yard setting I guess. At one point in the movie there was a man in a cave and a bunch of roaches started coming out of a hole in the cave and the whole place is surrounded by bugs, it was so disgusting. I remember (maybe) a sex scene by the end of the movie where a man and a woman are in a tower having sex on the bed, and someone was sitting outside by a tree right after that? That’s probably all I remember from the movie but I mostly remember being so weirded out and disgusted, like the whole movie plot was weird. I searched everywhere for the movie but can’t remember what it was.

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