Maybe 70’s 0r 1980’s movie?

The movie was about the love story of a young teen boy and girl.  The boy had short dark hair and was pretty skinny.  The girl had med. brown hair and wore it long and straight.  There was a bridge in the opening scene and the bridge was present through much of the movie.  At one point there was a circus or fair in their town and the girl was nearly raped by a circus worker.  I am not sure if one the the characters was named Bobby (M) or Bobbie (F), but it seems like the Janis Joplin song “Me and Bobby McGee” was played during the opening or closing credits.  I saw this film several times in the mid-90’s playing on cable TV.  Maybe on like AMC or something.

3 thoughts on “Maybe 70’s 0r 1980’s movie?

  1. Sounds like “Ode to Billy Joe” to me! It’s a Bobbie Gentry song in the movie, not Janis Joplin. Here’s the trailer:

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