Mark on forehead burns through hat

Possibly a short film. Seen in the 1980’s. Sci fi or horror.

Two scenes I remember:

Someone ripping out a heart and holding it still beating in their hand.

Someone bring “marked” by having a symbol on their forehead. They try to cover it with a hat but it burns through the material of the hat!

2 thoughts on “Mark on forehead burns through hat

  1. This is a reach, but the scene you describe about the symbol burning through the hat reminds me of an episode of the 1980’s Twilight Zone TV show. It’s called “To See the Invisible Man” and it’s about a man who is being punished by having to wear the symbol so everyone ignores him.
    I don’t remember anything about a beating heart being held, but it was a TV show that showed different stories in each episode so perhaps that was in another story. I don’t remember the other stories this was with at all.

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