Man goes back in time to village on cliff face

This guy crash land on top of this cliff (not sure if he went back in time or it’s an alternative universe) anyway he discovers this village hanging from the actual cliff face like on the side and he befriends this lady and her daughter, he notices there are no elderly people in the village. They go down to the ground to collect water and stuff and then all of a sudden this big green creatures pop out from under the ground and start pulling people under, hence the no old people. The daughter is taken and the guy ends up going down the whole into where the creatures live to try and find the girl.

3 thoughts on “Man goes back in time to village on cliff face

  1. The Time Machine, tho it was a woman that got taken and her younger brother lead the time traveler to the entrance of the monsters underground city. Or it’s the older version, that might’ve had a daughter kidnapped. “The Time Machine 1960”

    1. Not sure what you’re saying, but the peope living on the cliff face is definitely the 2002 remake of The Time Machine.

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