Man found dead in the morning

Hi all!

I remember I saw a movie on a TV when I was a child. Approx 1999-2002.

It was a colored movie filmed looking quite modern in those years (filmed not a very long time before 1999).


What I remember from the plot: a big double-stored house, a sleeping room on the second floor. Big family. In the morning somebody from the family finds a man (presumably the owner/father) dead in his bed. And then they try to figure out who was a killer. Something suspicious was about the window in his room.

I might be mistaken, but might be that at the end of the movie they figured out that he actually killed himself.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Man found dead in the morning

  1. Sounds a lot as 8 Women, (8 femmes) but it is French and was released in 2002, but the ending is the same one.

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