Man faints when aroused and is on island of topless women

Saw this film late 1980s. It was a rental VHS (or Betamax?) cassette. Looks like it was made in the 1970s. All unknown cast. I think it was in color. I can’t recall if it was in English, or dubbed, or subtitled. Seems it could have been very soft porn at the time. VERY low budget.

The plot: An ordinary white man (with a Don Draper haircut) in about his 20s or 30s faints when he is aroused. Thus he cannot be in any relationship with women. He decides to live out his life on a deserted island. He parachutes down to this island only to find it inhabited by topless attractive women (probably in early 20s) exercising on the beach. By exercising I mean they were tossing beach balls around and lifting small dumb bell weights. They were all large breasted and I recall one woman on her back on a bench lifting dumb bells and her breasts stuck straight up- obviously not her natural ones. The man obviously had issues as he kept fainting. The women helped him solve his issues.

What I remember most is how silly and bizarre the women exercising on the beach were. Very kitschy and the plot and initial beach scenes very memorable. But I can’t for the life of me recall the title!

Thanks for your consideration and I hope you can help.


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