Magical circus romance?

I’m looking for a movie about a young girl, either living on a farm or on the prairie. She has a sort of romantic relationship with a boy from her town, but when a circus/ carnival/ caravan comes to town shes intrigued by the leader of the newcomers. There’s like this magic lolita dynamic where the older leader sort of represents worldliness while the younger love interest represents doing what’s expected of you or something.

Specific things I remember are that the girl has a book that lists different kinds of kisses and she has a necklace her mother gave her. Her mother might be dead? I think the older love interest kisses her in a bunch of the ways described in the book, maybe without ever seeing the book.

There’s a scene where the young lovers are sort of being menaced by the older love interest, it’s night and they are in the caravan/ circus camp and he keeps disappearing and reaping to frighten them but then he lets them go when he disappears into a pool of water.

At the end of the film, the girl decides to leave with the older love interest but he leaves before she can come with him. One of the last scenes in the movie is him driving away in an old car at the front of the caravan holding the girl’s mother’s necklace.

the movie was definitely in color and I’m pretty sure it was in English, I believe I saw it sometime between 2000 and 2009. I remember seaming around the same time as I saw tuck everlasting, big fish and bridge to trabithas, the 2007 version so it might be from around when those movies came out.

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