mad kindom, child prince, insanly ritual royality, mudering royal advisor

Okay I saw this movie on TV once 13 -20 years ago and recorded it but missed the first few minutes and the credit were blurred and shrunken to unreadable.    It was in English but may have been European and it was in color.    It starts out in a  old kingdom with an old king that is either half or completely mad, and yes queen finally has their first child the crown prince.  The whole kingdom is practically insane doing all sorts or weird rituals to decide everything.  the newborn prince is even floated across a river at one point on a royal bed during which time he may have been switched with a normal child.   their is scene where I think the cook and the either the butcher or the butler keep trying to kill each other and in one the king sleep walk through the room they are fighting in.   I think the king is normally chained in his room or his room is chained shut with the butler guarding the door to keep him in.  throughout this a young man who was a orphan come in and starts advising the royal family and eventually works his way to chief adviser and keeper of ritual.   mean while he slowly kills the other royal family members and chiefs of state.  one other fantastic royal member a set of sisters that do everything in mirror action of the other who wear alot of makeup like the Japanese Geisha style their unwed women do.  They end up murdered by the adviser after he promises to get them the throne and left in a large abandoned section of the castle in a set of stone thrones, where the mad adviser visits them saying they refuse to see anyone else.  in the end the prince grows up quite unmad and sees the how stupid everything is and when he discovers the truth of the adviser they have a sword fight on a massive vine out side the castle where the prince finally kills him.  He lives the kingdom afterwards, leaving I believe either his mother or hos aunt in charge perhaps to have an adventure or to find love.

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