Low-rated action movie


The action movie filmed in early 2010.

A scene that is imprinted in my memory was shot gorgeously, when around the corner of a house somewhere in America there was a shootout between the main characters and, possibly, the police or bandits. The main character there, as far as I remember, wore a corduroy shirt, with rolled up sleeves, jeans and tattoos; he was a war veteran I think. White, with light stubble, it seems to me. Not a very famous actor, but he often appeared in Hollywood movies. The scene was shot no worse than John Wick. There was a Kalashnikov in his hand. At the end of the film I remember there was some kind of attic and a shootout where his friend was wounded. I don’t remember the plot at all. Application and denouement too.

America, the year of release coincides with the events in the film.

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