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Hi everyone, I only remember one scene of the movie: the first actress was a blonde with a white complexion and the first actor was an oriental relatively famous for karate movies. The scene is as follows: a relative of the oriental dies and the funeral takes place. The tradition in the place was to dress all in white when someone died. However the blonde, girlfriend of the first oriental actor, shows up at the funeral dressed in black as is traditional in the west, an awkward situation arises. I think the title of the movie included the word “Dragon”. Thank you very much for your help.

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    1. I’m not the original poster, but I can tell you, Dragon just shows him at his father’s funeral, and then walking down an alleyway to see his old teacher. They don’t even show his wife Linda, and there’s only a brief cutaway of him in a smoke-filled cemetery (one of his fears/dreams that they allude to earlier). Nothing about any any issues with anyone wearing black.

  1. Love And karate, did bin hit70ss, arabs. Please, Who like arabs films, found trilogy,, sea devils,, (egupt, 1971-73too arabs like it. Comedy. Mb on english? And,, kambogian film1966. Wilvinh Na bong(fool version, have no complect copy. Fool have in thailand(translate,, sing of tears, director TeaLimKoung, arcorsManinaKirwat, Mandolini, DuSawat. NopnNem

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