Lost in time

So there’s this movie some adult was watching when I was a kid, probably in the nineties, where this lady goes back in time or something and she saves the life of a werewolf or wolfman on trial by the villagers. Then puts a sheep in a well(?) And it turns pink and she wins some kind of contest. I’ve thought about this movie on and off for several years and I don’t know the title. I only saw those two scenes. Please help!

7 thoughts on “Lost in time

    1. I would ave absolutely remembered it if it was The Doctor. The main character was a woman. I remember the sheep being used as part of a contest of some sort. There was a bunch of fairy tale nonsense going on as well. The werewolf/wolfman was given a rabbit to calm him down, and when he was captured, the girl asked what happened to mister cuddles, or whatever the rabbits name was, and the wolf guy said it hopped away, she was afraid he had eaten the rabbit and blown the case but it was alive. The actual culprit ended up being one of the villagers.

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