Looking for (Horror?) movie

I’ve only seen it when I was younger, but I remember that it had something to do with some guy who went around this town doing bad things.

I think I saw it in like 2002 or ’03, but it was in english and i definitely remember it being a movie, it was in color too
Like, in one scene he skinned this golden retriever and had the skeleton or whatever hanging in the air, and there was other scene where the guy was going to blow up the town but instead he decided to blow up this guy instead

There were a few other scenes too, like when the guy killed this woman off-screen with a hammer, and he was washing the hammer off because it had blood on it.


If anyone knows what I’m talking about, that would be good.

3 thoughts on “Looking for (Horror?) movie

  1. Also there was this other scene where this woman finds the dog skinned and the skeleton hanging in the air, and she gets in this fight with some other woman because she thought the woman killed her dog

    and this other scene with a newspaper heading saying something like “2 kids killed at Cast Rock” or something like that

    1. I think it is very likely that this is Needful things actually. It takes place in (Stephen king’s fictiona townl) Castle Rock, it involves a skinned dog, the antagonist is making people in the town fight each other and I believe the part about blowing up the town matches as well.

  2. “Cast Rock”? Could be “Castle Rock”? And a horror movie, now I am thinking Stephen King… I don’t have any specific movie in mind though, possibly “Needful Things”?

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