Looking for foreign film shown on Cinemax in Early to Mid 80s

Trying to get information on a foreign film that was shown on Cinemax in the early to mid 80s. From what I can remember the story opens with a young man, who manages a circus was in a male beauty pageant. The emcee of this pageant is a beautiful young woman. It comes down between to men, one of them being the guy from the circus. So to break the tie the woman says they had to strip their shorts off, in which they would be totally nude. The circus runs off of the stage. While people thought he was too embarrassed as it turns out backstage his father faints and the circus guy runs to be with him. Then he comes back out and the lovely emcee says for second place he can have his pick of any woman working on the stage to spend a week with him. So he surprises the woman by saying he wants her. After she hesitates she plays to the camera and says why not?

Then backstage she tries to bluff her way out of it. The circus guy replies that he followed the agreement and they should as well. So she has to unwillingly go with him for a week to that circus. What she never saw until the end he was getting her out of her city class element and took her to the country with his ways.

Bottom line is she falls in love, learns about being a true person in that week. She goes home to her city apartment but finds she’s no longer happy there. The end of the movie shows her going back to him and that circus.

Again this was a foreign film shown on Cinemax in the mid 80s and was probably made in the very late 70s to early 80s. If anyone could remember this film I would love to know the title and anything else you have on it. Even though it’s a foreign film they spoke English and it may have been a French film as well.

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