looking for a old movie title i watched

Please guys I have been looking for the movie for a long time. Ok i watched the movie back in the mid 97-98 in Africa and the title of the movie was in French “Soif de Pouvoir” meaning “Lust of power.” But i have looked on google and the script or storyline are differents from my movie. The movie itself began with a man (an exiled white man living in US) walking down New York city and entering a building. He is a TV station guess and he appears to speak out about a military coup he witnessed in another country (latine American country). The coup was led by a senior colonel officer who after recruiting other officer friends of his decided to overthrow a civilian president. They succeeded and jailed the president. However, the general officer who commended the tank batallion who arrived at the president palace turned on them. After he called the colonel in the president office, he told him he was the one who took all the risk, so he is the one who should take power. His men in return seize the colonel and jailed him next to the former president cell. The movie ends up with the colonel and all the men involved in the plot included the former civilian president being executed on the pole in their uniform.  The man who talks about that story was in the country where the coup happening. He was asked to be part of it, but he refused. So he fled the country fearing repression. Is anyone has an idea? Thank you

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