Looking for a movie that contains the stuff below.

Okay, so I think it’s a 90s or early 2000s thriller. I don’t remember any famous actors nor the director.

Two man (a younger and and older, business partners I guess) and their wives/girlfriends goes to a snowy mountain lodge for vacation or something. The younger guy wants the older’s position (he’s the boss maybe) in the corp so he’s planning to kill him and his wife. I remember 2 certain scenes:

The bad guy’s get shot by a woman (the older’s wife I think). She then removes the bullet from the guy without any anaesthetic. Later, the bad guy escapes (he was tied to a chair by the woman), retrieve his gun and shoot the aforementioned woman in the shoulder. Then, as a revenge for the painful torture, he does the same with her – removing the bullet with heated tongs while she’s conscious, making her to pass out in the end of the process.

That’s all I can recall.


Thank you in A!

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