Looking for a disaster movie?

I remember watching a movie on dvd within the last few years but I just can’t remember (or find) the name of it? I thought it might be SyFy or The Asylum, but haven’t been able to find it in any of their lists?

It was set in generic smalltown USA, there was a family, mother, father, teen son, teen daughter. One of the females worked at a diner? A disaster happens, could have been meteorites, or some Earthquake/gravity sort of thing, and the family is separated?

I remember these scenes very clearly…but I can’t say if they were the same movie or two similar movies?

  1. The movie began with a black SUV driving through a town, I’m sure it had a mother and son in it, and when they stopped to look at the damage, the ground under their SUV began to crack and the car fell into the hole.
  2. Later in the movie we see the scene repeated and this time you see the mother and son escape the car just before it falls down the crack in the ground.
  3. There is another scene in the middle, the son from the family is hiding in a church basement with some other people and a chunk of concrete falls, trapping his leg.
  4. The movie ended with the family back home, I think it might have been the sons birthday, and they were watching tv? There might have been a grandparent as well?

I’d really like to find this movie (or movies, if I’m remembering them together) again, they were great cheesy sci-fi fun to watch?

Feel free to suggest anything you think sounds even vaguely similar, I’ll try anything?

5 thoughts on “Looking for a disaster movie?

  1. You know.. This soy da a lot like “Dante’s Peak” with Pierce Brosnan which is about a major volcano erupting. I think it’s older now (about 1997 perhaps). Although, I don’t recall it had a whole family; however, another one I’m thinking of that kinda fits the bill is “Deep Impact” again from the late 90s about an asteroid hitting earth.

    I really hopes that helps or at least gets you closer to finding your movie.


    1. I am a huge fan of both of those movies, so alas, tis neither 🙂
      I shall keep searching and if I do manage to find out what it is, I will be back to say it’s solved 😀

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