looking for a cave drama movie

looking for a cave movie drama possibly aired on a premium channel like hbo or cinemax showtime during the late 80s early 90s and had a cave women in the very beginning that was in a cave trying to get out of the rain she was pretty much naked did not speak english or anything through the movie some of the men in the movie grunted and she found someone she liked and was having sex with them then she was ambushed by other cave men and was saved by the man she was originally with he fought them off of her  it was a movie that was set back millions of years ago where there was no type of living quarters or anything no dinosaurs just prehistoric a no speech drama movie was in a color picture

5 thoughts on “looking for a cave drama movie

    1. I watched this clan bear movie last night very close idea and concept of the movie only thing is the lady wasnt a blonde she had dark colored hair

  1. Your description reminds me a little bit of “Caveman.” One caveman was trying to save a pretty cave woman from other, more violent cavemen. It was a silly movie, though–and I’d have a hard time saying it was good. It’s something to eliminate, at least.

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