Looking a certain movie


Im looking for a certain American movie (if i remember correctly), the release date of the film mostly before the year of 2005.

It was a military action movie. The plot something like a group of American soldiers newbies? doing a training in some part of America jungle with using paint bullets/airsoft. But one day, during the training the group were been shot by real bullets by some bad guy in military attires?, in the beginning they thought their friends that been shot is pretending been dead but one of them curiously touch to check the body and knowing he’s been fatally shot by real bullets.  So they started to find the person whos responsible for the death of their friends.

On the other side, the group of bad guy thought their activities have been busted by army so they attack first without knowing the army is under training.

By the way, There was a secret cave on the peak of hill, where the bad guy stored up their goods like weapon. And both groups race to climbing up first.

Anyone remember the tittle of this film?

Thanks in advanced

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