Lizards movie??

I can’t remember whether this was on television or maybe it was an advertisement on a VHS tape before the actual movie played, but it was a mid-late 1990’s film of some sort (could have been an ad for a TV show as well) in which people were cursed to have lizard body parts, only I think it was meant to be a comedy of some sort. there may have been a laugh track. the cast was Caucasian as far as I can remember, and the film was in color and in English. A specific pair of cuts stand out in memory, one where the camera pans to a woman’s behind and she exclaims in surprise that she has a lizard tail. Immediately after that, it cut to a scene of another woman using a rope-like lizard tongue to grab someone (possibly a man?) and pull him closer to her. The only dialogue I remember is the line “I’ve got a tail!” from the first woman, though that may not be accurate to what was actually said in the scene.

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