Little Girl Cartoon

My family used to have this movie on VHS in the 90s, but it looked much older, so I think it may have been a re-release of something done in the 50s or 60s.  There were several short animated cartoons on the tape.

The first one was a little girl listening to a radio while she was baking.  The radio was telling her the recipe… at one point it was like “beat it, faster, faster, faster, faster, STOP!”  She baked a gingerbread man but it ran away and she chased it into a candy land.  In the candy land, the gingerbread man fell in love with an angel cake who had whipped cream hair and they were getting married but there was an evil cake that stopped the wedding and kidnapped the bride.

Another one of the cartoons was the same little girl but she was in class and the teacher made her sit in the corner and wear a dunce cap.  She fell asleep and dreamed about Mother Goose and golden eggs, I think.

The other cartoon was different and didn’t have the girl in it.  It was two little poor children who lived with their mother.  The sound was very old, and they had high pitched voices.  The kids woke up and had breakfast, but the bread was so hard they couldn’t bite it without dunking it in their water and their mother cried.  And they were collecting logs in a wheel barrow (maybe?) and walked past a bakery and looked in the window.  But when the baker came to give them cake, the kids were already gone.  When the children went to sleep, they dreamed that they went for a walk and came across candy flowers and a carousel and toys and got new clothes.  Then they woke up and saw that it wasn’t real, but when they went into the kitchen , the baker had brought them breakfast and the whole table was a feast full of desserts.

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