Little boy and girl get married; boy in coffin thinks he can’t move

I am pretty sure I saw this in the late 80’s.  I was young and my aunt used to watch all kinds movies with us.

I think it would have been a horror-type movie.  There was a small town, and I think a family moved there by some chance.  I think a lot of the movie was about the family seeing all of the weird things going on in town.  I believe the townspeople were often out late, like they would be during the day, including little kids.

There was a scene where they are in a small chapel type place (night time) and there is some lighting, benches to sit.  A little boy and girl get married, or the equivalent?  I believe they were less than 10 years old.

I remember a scene I think at the end set in a church? and some of the townspeople are there.  The parents in the family arrive to find their son sort of on display in a coffin, upright.  The boy seems to think he can’t move his arms and legs, even though I think he could; I can’t remember if they somehow made him think he was dead, or a vampire, or something.

Is this a movie that someone has heard on, or just a weird bad dream I probably had because of my aunt having us watch such a variety of horror movies.

4 thoughts on “Little boy and girl get married; boy in coffin thinks he can’t move

  1. can’t remember a movie from 80s to nineties
    starts with explorers or mercs entering an alien facility
    they all split up looking around and one man finds some triangular crystal shards which start cutting into him and start moving up his arms and eventually killing him
    there was even a sex scene where a blob looking alien attacks a female member of the crew when she wanders off

  2. but the Admin would probably prefer that you’d submitted a new post rather than piggybacking on an existing one.

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