Lilaby? Willaby?

I remember watching this show or movie as a kid that featured puppets as well as people similar to the size of the ones on Mr. Rogers. At one point, there’s this man talking to a rabbit puppet about her garden. (I think the guy might’ve been somewhat of a celebrity irl? I don’t remember.) I think she was growing carrots. They start singing about the things that grow in her garden and I’ve had the song in my head at random times ever since. Something like “Everything grows in (rabbit’s name’s garden)”. I think the rabbit’s name is Lilaby or Willaby or something. I had this show on VHS just to show how old it is. I’m assuming it was made in the 80s or 90s. I wish I had more info about it, but that’s all I can remember.

6 thoughts on “Lilaby? Willaby?

  1. I think that is from Imagineland. the bunny was named Lela Bea. I can’t find that clip, but here’s a different one that she’s featured in:

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