Lifetime Movie. Woman runs away from abusive husband with young child.

This was a lifetime movie I watched maybe 5 years ago. A woman runs away from an abusive husband with her young child ( not sure if the child is a boy or a girl). She goes to this small town. I don’t really remember much but one scene I can describe. The child is enrolled in a class in the new town and a policeman comes to talk to the class. The child becomes scared I believe when the cop asks for their name. They call the mother to the school and I think it’s revealed who they really are. Sorry it’s not much to go off of. Thank you!

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  1. I can’t remember the name of a movie I watched, either on Lifetime movie network or Netflix.. about a woman who took her son & ran from abusive husband. He caught up with them & while trying to stop them he ended up accidentally killing their little boy. The woman got away & started a new life, new name, hair color new town.. years later he found her & takes her to a cabin & ties her up. He leaves to the store. She gets free & runs to an empty building. He finds her there, but she mustered up all of her strength and said to him ” You killed our boy & now I’m going to kill you”. She walked toward him then the movie ended.

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