Lifetime Movie where teenage girl was kidnapped

I remember this other lifetime movie where a man kidnap a teenage girl with black hair, For most of the movie they were driving from state to state and he made her lure another teenage girl to him and he kidnapped her and locked them up in a room and I think he knocked out or shoot the second girl but I guess she didn’t die, I remember her crawling out of the bushes and I think he made the first girl drive the car and he told her to turn back, like he had the feeling that the girl wasn’t dead and the girl ask him why he wanted to turn back but she knew it was because of the girl, there’s another part where the police hired like a psychologist and she was saying that she was abused prior to the kidnapping so she would survive, In the end the man let her go, I think at a airport, she went home or the police station, her mother was there and he went his separate ways, don’t remember if they catch him, the girl did everything he ask her to do so he wouldn’t kill her, when she was in the room with the other girl she told her that she was sorry , he made her do it  ( lure her to him)

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