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I saw a LifeTime movie about a live-in nanny who plotted against this woman to cause her to go crazy so that she could take over the house, have the woman’s husband to herself as well as the kids.  The nanny did things like drop a radio in the next-door neighbor’s tub while the neighbor was in the tub and electrocuted her and poured acid into a coworkers eye drop bottle so that she could secure the position.  I don’t remember the title but she ended up getting caught at the end and the woman (victim who she tried to drug) was reunited with her family.  I think the movie may have been from 2004 or 2005.  Does anyone know the title?  I searched Google but nothing came up.


4 thoughts on “LifeTime movie

  1. Sounds like The Sitter (2007) aka where the children sleep. There is an electrocution in a bath scene according to the Wikipedia plot description

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