Late night early 90’s HBO – Guy meets girl. Guy takes pictures of girl. Pictures over exposed. Girl turns into ugly witch?

Every now and then this memory crops back up, so bear with me.  So, flashback 20 years, I’m around 4 years old and I’m watching HBO in the guest room at grandma’s house.  Flip to mid-movie (possibly TV show) and there’s a blonde ethereal looking woman on this dudes bed and somehow he ends up taking pictures of her.  Eventually, she suggests taking her bra off (which is how I know it was HBO) and I vividly remember it being the kind of bra that unclasped in the front.  The dude rolls with it, and keeps taking pictures.  The whole time he’s just flabbergasted that this is going down.  The next day (?) he goes to show the photos to a friend and they’re all overexposed, I think.  Suddenly, this deformed (maybe?) woman jumps in and starts cackling and the guy is like “Who are you?” and she’s says something eluding to the fact that she’s not the beautiful topless blonde, but really this ugly witch lady.

I wish I had more, but it’s driving me nuts that I can never find what this was.  Just about every other early TV memory I had I’ve been able to find.  Also, I don’t believe it was Tales from the Crypt, but I haven’t seen all of the last season.

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