Late 80s/early 90s Kids’ movie

I remember seeing a kids’ movie in the early late 90s or early 90s and the only scene I remember is a kid steps through a movie screen (like in a movie theater) and becomes part of the “movie.” The scene on the screen shows a creepy old house and the kid has to step over a bunch of invisible wires on the lawn before reaching the house. I’m pretty sure this was a made-for-TV movie. It was in color and in English.

5 thoughts on “Late 80s/early 90s Kids’ movie

  1. It’s neither of those. I think it was a made-for-TV movie and it was a fantasy movie about things like wizards and stuff. And some clown/jester guy made himself disappear after talking to some other character about being a “fool”.

  2. Sorry, forget my last comment. I thought I was posting on a different thread! Anyway, it’s not Last Action Hero or an episode of Amazing Stories. This was a made-for-TV movie I think, maybe it was Canadian or British, not really sure. I just remember it being slightly creepy. Like some creepy guy owned this weird house and some kid was trying to get into it to solve some mystery I think. But he had to step over some invisible wires after passing through the movie screen.

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