Late 80’s to Early 90’s children’s cartoon..

So there is this movie that my sister and I used to love and rent from the video store constantly.. I was about 6 at the time (I’m 27 now)… there are only a few parts that I can remember… It involves a guy with purple hair flying in and out of different dimensions. The part that my sister and I specifically remember is the guy finally landing in a area that involved lots of different hills and doors that had knobs that would talk. When he got to this part with all the talking doors there were keys with wings that he had to locate the specific one that opened the door which then led to a room full of mirrors.. This is the only parts we can remember from the cartoon, I know it isn’t much 🙁 . This movie is very important to my sister and I because it was the only one we could agree on at the movie store, haha. I would love to someday be able to purchase this movie for my sister to remind her of all the good times we had watching it. if anybody has any idea what the name of this movie is I would greatly appreciate it thank you so much!

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