Late 80’s short film (Canadian?) about a man polluting a lake from a boat.

Watched this on a small black and white tv in my grandparents basement in southern Ontario, Canada.  They had basic cable, so they may have had a few channels more than CBC.  May have been broadcast from Detroit.  I recall it as a horror short about pollution and it had that PSA feel.

So here’s what I remember.  There’s a gruff looking man who takes either cans of used oil, or some other refuse and pours it into a pristine lake, like I’m talking about one that’s not ripped apart by jet skis and skirted by cottages.  Think Meatballs.  On a lower budget.

So I can’t remember much more than that fact, but what sticks with me is that the “pollution” comes alive at the end and tips this dude from the boat, knocks him in the water and starts to cover him in what I remember as a thick seaweed.  He’s crying that he’s sorry, but the ‘pollution’ don’t give a rip and just sucks him under.  I think the final shot is the lake being nice and still.

I did a lot of drugs when I was younger.  Not sure how melted my plastic memory has become.  If someone out there can possibly remember something of this obscure short I will no longer have to spend countless hours on the internet searching for something that may possibly only exist in a parallel dimension that aired during the time of the Berenstein Bears.

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