Late 80’s/ Early 90’s movie where young artist woman lives alone

Saw it on television between 1990 and 1996, probably on HBO or Showtime, it was in English, in color probably made between late 80’s to early to mid 90’s.

Mostly what I can remember from the film is a y0ung female artist in her 20’s to 30’s, lives alone in an apartment and paints.  The apartment I think was one of those very open studio spaces (you always see in artist apartments in 80s and 90s movies), the apartment may have had cement floors and I think it had big windows.   I remember at one point her painting in overalls with no shirt on underneath.

There’s also a male friend of hers that is obviously very much into her.  At one point they kiss and he lifts her shirt which causes her to make him stop and leave.

Weird friendship dynamic.  There is probably another man that makes the friend jealous.

7 thoughts on “Late 80’s/ Early 90’s movie where young artist woman lives alone

  1. No. This wasn’t a comedy. It played at the pace of a Lifetime channel romance movie. I also think it was probably at least rated R. Thanks though.

      1. Actually I’m sorry that’s not the movie. Seem to be getting closer though. This one I think the female had dirty blond hair. She’s also more occupied doing the painting. I remember one scene where she is painting and wearing overalls.

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