late 70’s to mid 80’s movie about heaven and rebirth

the movie is about a guy who die’s and go’s to a cross road’s it has 3 train track’s. one to hell, one to heaven, one to rebirth. they have a woman and man act as lawer’s of sort’s presenting 3 moment’s in his life to deside his worth and were he go’s. they watch his memory’s on a globe and debate the side they represent just like lawer’s . they play 1 then stop and he roam’s around there for a little bit then play the second one and repeat till all three are the end of the movie it pan’s onto a baby being born as if that’s what they desided for him.

3 thoughts on “late 70’s to mid 80’s movie about heaven and rebirth

  1. you know what. that is it. i geuss i got the year way off. i just remember watching it on hbo as a kid.

    thank you very much.

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