late 70’s or 80’s Mad Scientist tries to train to humans

I was really young when I saw this on TV, so I’m not sure how old it is.  There’s a man and a woman being held captive by a scientist who uses electrical shock to try to train them the same way he does his animal subjects.  There’s some kind of electrical force field that keeps them from escaping.  At some point they’re given a pet dog.  The force field goes down and they encourage the dog to escape to test it but then the field comes back and the dog gets fried when he tries to come back to them.


In the end they kill the scientist and escape.  They run to a small house and break in to try to find a phone to call police but as soon as their in all the doors and windows lock with the same electrical equipment the scientist used on the cages.  The last scene is them yelling and banging on the windows as the camera zooms out to show that no one can hear them from the highway.


Every so often I remember this film and no one else seems to have heard of it.  I’ve tried every search term I can think of but there’s just too many mad scientist films to dig through.  Thanks for the help.

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