LA, teenagers turning into lizards, teenage couple in red cadillack

5-4 years ago I watched loads of weird, mindfucking (less or more movies) and recently one of them can’t get off of my mind; I have no idea how I found it, it’s not popular at all – really disturbing one. I remember a few things about it:

1. it was in color and seemed to be made in 80’s or 90’s was american

3.the action took place in LA (possibly Hollywood)

4.the characters were teenagers, they were wandering around some deserted areas with lots of graffitis and deserted buildings, in one of which there was a club (?) of the characters younger brother (also teenager) with his girlfriend drove a red cadillack to some hill during the night on one of their dates, I remember  they were really fucked up psychos (can’t remember why, maybe they killed someone) night the teenagers took the new kid to a party with them (or somewhere else, I remember it was an event witch bunch of people), it was in someplace that looked like a magasine or something, and suddenly the new kid turned into a giant lizard


please help me out, I hope someone has seen it 😀

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