Kung fu movie – fight with bees/flies blown on to pressure points

I realise how ridiculous that title sounds…

My husband swears he once saw a kung fu (other martial arts?) movie which featured a scene in which two characters are fighting (possibly) on a boardwalk, near water. During the fight one paralyses the other with a pressure point move. Meanwhile a fly/bee/flying insect of some sort passes and the paralysed guy blows it so that it hits a pressure point on the first chap. They then blow the insect (or different insects) back and forth at each other.

He would have seen it in the early 90s but it wasn’t necessarily new at that time.

We’ve asked/googled/searched like mad but nothing doing! Help?

6 thoughts on “Kung fu movie – fight with bees/flies blown on to pressure points

    1. It exists! I half thought he had dreamed it tbh.

      Not at all what I expected but definitely the right one. Thank you!

  1. What movie was it? I have been searching for the SAME movie and describing the same thing and my husband thinks I just dreamed it up too 😂 I seen it back in early 2000.

  2. Sorry, I seen you already posted the name. I just got excited. The link no longer works but I just looked it up and its it. Mystery solved after 20 years. 😂👍

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