kinda body swap teenage movie

I’ve seen this movie when i was teenager (2005-2008 maybe) disney or nickelodeon movie

it was about a girl who has issues with her divorced mother. she loves her father and father’s new girlfriend

while mother watches her teenage video swinging on her computer, a truck hits utililty pole and woman becomes like her video self (becomes teenager like her daughter) and becomes friend with her daughter

when the mother opens this video she can becomes old or young

details about movie

her daughter’s crush likes her and they kiss

mother turns to teenager and her daughter (friend), combs mother’s hair, the comb stucks in mother’s hair and she had to cut her hair

they both get arrested for a night

girl, her father and father’s girlfriend caught the mother while waxing her armpits.

sorry for my bad grammar. English is not my native language. thanks



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