Kind of a gritty fall from grace movie about a guy who thought it had everything

This one’s been killing me for years.

In the late 90s early 00’s I rented this DVD (it had a lot of bonus features, like, easter egg type stuff) and here’s everything I can remember about it:

(I believe) it starts, and (definitely) ends with the main character breaking the 3rd wall and talking to the camera in what looks like a yurt or small lab ‘hut’ in the arctic.

There’s a girl (love interest).

They’re on a first date or early in dating and he touches a lamppost and “zaps” it, it pops/shatters; they dance around in the streets.

There’s parties and underground clubs, he breakdances.  Everyone thinks he’s the best, his life is aces.

That doesn’t last long before someone else is the new hotness.  He tries to hold onto his popularity.

Gets hooked on drugs (or maybe it’s the girl).

It ends with him in that yurt talking to the camera again.


That’s all I got, lol. I hope you guys can help. =/

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