Killswitch movie

theres this movie that I watched years ago, its about a dude that lives a normal life until some guys try to kill him

basically the point of the movie is that he is some sort of new gen warrior, once he hears a keyword he turns into a serious warrior and can kill people easily

I remember there was this girl he fell for and eventually he found out she was the one they assigned to watch him, and she cared about him and gave him the keyword and he started fighting people that tried to take him down

I remember one scene, he worked in some diner or a small grocery store


I know this is not much but ill appreciate any help I can get, quarantine and all

8 thoughts on “Killswitch movie

  1. It seems you would likely mention this if it was him, but a lot about your description fits Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Total Recall in 1990.

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