Kids movie I saw in kindergarten in 1997-1998

So what I remember about this children’s movie is that there was a little girl who traveled through a slide in a tunnel to some magical/mystical world with a clown…? Maybe a clown..? I know it was mostly live acting with maybe a little animation (maybe none?) I saw it in 1997-1998 in kindergarten. There were either three “Meecy Mice” or field mice. It was like that song with the rabbit and the three blind mice …? Please tell me SOMEONE remembers the name of this move; ongoing search for 15+ years! Help me lol.

3 thoughts on “Kids movie I saw in kindergarten in 1997-1998

    1. You are amazing! Thank you SO MUCH. Finally, the search is at an end lol. Again, thank you so much. I appreciate your response a great deal!

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