Kid’s Movie about Aliens and Crystals

It was a live-action movie for kids involving this alien boy who got sent down to earth. It looked like it was made in the 70s or 80s, maybe the 90s but that’s a stretch. I remember the alien boy looked just like a bald little kid with pointy ears. I don’t remember how he got to earth, but all I remember is that he made some human friends his age who tried to help him get back to his home planet. They learned that they could attract the attention of his alien species or something by hanging crystals in places like on their house, and they ultimately succeeded.

Nothing pops up when I search for “70s kids movie about alien boy with crystals” or any other key words so I’m at my wits end. My parents rented this for my sister and I in like, 2004 or 2005 or something. I’d appreciate it if anyone could help me locate this movie!

14 thoughts on “Kid’s Movie about Aliens and Crystals

      1. The alien basically just looked like some human kid with pointy ears, his alien getup wasn’t really distinct. I think it was a kind of low-budget movie.

  1. It could also be ‘The Magic Crystal’, that kinda fits your description too.

    Yours respectfully


  2. U sure it’s for kids?? When I went there, the trailer about it said something about ‘A New Way of Death” and it showed a crystal egg-type-thing and an alien burrowing into a humanoid body.

    NOT the sort of movie I’d show to my kids, but however, if that’s the kinda thing you want them to see…. I didn’t watch the movie after I saw that trailer because I didn’t really want to see anything like that myself, let alone show that to my kids!

    Yours shockedly,


      1. I think they were referring to the trailer which came before the movie started, but it was for a different movie anyway. I wouldn’t worry about it.

        1. I was going to say, having something like “A New Way of Death” in The Aurora Encounter would make it a lot more metal than I remembered XD

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