Kids go to witches house

I remember seeing a movie maybe 10 years ago and there was this scene where a group of kids (I think it was two boys and a girl) go up to this old woman’s house who is rumored to be a witch. They dare one of the boys to knock on her door. It supposed to be that if you ask her, she brings out this box with like a glass ball or something in it and you’re supposed to be able to see how you’re going to die in it. The one boy goes up and sees that he’ll die on the toilet while reading a playboy. I think it was a coming of age movie, but I can’t really remember anything else, I just remember that scene.

I pretty sure it was made within the last 20 years. It was in color, and english.

4 thoughts on “Kids go to witches house

  1. Oh, yes! That’s it! It’s weird how you can remember things so differently years later. All this time I thought she came out with a wooden box, and here she lifts up an eye patch. This is definitely it though. Thank you, now I remember what a cool movie Big Fish was.

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