Kid’s Film that’s tough to find

I saw a kid’s film on TV in the early 1970’s; its title was “The Bear Brothers.” (100% sure of the title; no, it wasn’t “Brother Bear.”) As the title suggests, it’s about two animated bears – one short, wearing a romper and speaking in baby-talk, the other tall, naked and cheerful – and the various adventures they would have together. One distinguishing aspect of the film concerned the medium of the animation – it was animated using swatches of cloth, and a few drawn lines. If this helps any, it was preceded by a sing-songy theme that made the point the film was “Especially For Kids!” (It may have been made in Canada in the 1960s.) It has apparently slipped so far into obscurity even the venerable IMDb doubts its existence.

One thought on “Kid’s Film that’s tough to find

  1. Google Hey, mister let’s play. It’s just it sounds like the kind of animation you meant, the creator who is Czech moved to Canada and produced many things there so maybe it’s one of his shows. He seems to like a bear.

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