Kidnapper and Kidnapee love story.

I remember watching a movie as a young girl in the 60’s. This guy grabs a woman off a bridge I believe takes her to his apartment and keeps her there. He locks her in when he goes to work. At one point she puts out his eye with her high heels. By the end of the movie they have fallen in love. Does anyone remember this movie and maybe have a title for me?

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    1. That is the exact same movie I am trying to rememer!!! I know it is definately NOT Sweet Hostage with Martin Sheen. Did you ever find out the name of the movie?

  1. I believe Mr. Unknown has nailed it. The only ‘Something Wild’ I know of is the 86 Demme film. This 61 title sounds like a great lost film: Aaron Copelend writing the score? Jean Stapleton as a sleazy neighbor? Read the wiki page, it sounds like a great damned film, way ahead of its day on these lame US shores.

    1. THANK YOU Mr. Unknown. “Something Wild” is definately the right movie! I just finished watching it on Amazon FireTV. The movie is free to watch if you have an Amazon Prime account.

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