Kidnapped kids, lecherous twin henchmen, a luchador villian, and goo-pods??

When we were a few years old, my twin sister and I sat down and watched the strangest movie with our parents, and I haven’t been able to find it since…

It starts out with a boy who gets kidnapped by these two homely-looking twin henchmen, who take him back to a sort of children’s colony/prison island. (I believe they took some sort of boat, possibly through a swamp to get there… My memory is a bit foggy…) When they arrive, they are greeted by this tough, ruthless villian-character, who forces them into doing chores or some sort of labor for him. (I remember I thought that he looked a like a Mexican luchador, but I could be wrong.) Any child that wouldn’t do so was immediately sedated and plunged into a comatose state inside what seemed to be a pod of goo. Ultimately the movie ends in all the children escaping and the boy waking up in a meat locker/basement/whatever to discover it had all been a bad dream. I remember there was also some sort of musical number… Something like an ode to the main villian (one of the henchmen had some sort of infatuation with him, idk) that went, “He’s so b-b-beautiful to me”.

I know I’m not insane for remembering this because my sister remembers the same exact thing. I would guess it could be a movie from the 90s/early 2000s, at least before the year 2004.

Does anyone have a to what this could be?

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