Jealous guy drives other guy to the middle of nowhere over a girl and…

So I’m currently 22 (and writing this in 2014), and as a child, I remember there being an American movie (in colour) about this girl and this guy who liked the girl (let’s call him the “woo-er”). Then there’s this rough type with his own car who also wants the girl but more as something on his arm. The scene I remember is when the rough guy managed to get the “woo-er” into his car and takes him for a drive.

The real intention becomes clear when the car pulls up by in the middle of nowhere. There’s a little discussion, led by the rough guy, about how certain guys aren’t allowed to have certain girls (and the rough guy’s giving it this fake buddy thing as he’s saying it whilst also being sort of threatening and the woo-er is being all silent and scared throughout). Anyways, the rough guy says to the woo-er that if he wants her then he’ll have to do something for him.

*Gets sexual!!*

The rough guy unzips his jeans and the woo-er, knowing what he has to do, goes to give him head but just before he reaches the area, the rough guy pushes him back and becomes this jokey, pall-y sort of guy who was like “I’m not queer. As if you were actually gonna do that.”

Then, I’m almost certain that the rough guy beats up the woo-er and leaves him in the middle of nowhere as he drives away.

= This has been driving me mad for the past few years now! I’ve searched everywhere and the film doesn’t exist! Please help mee!! =

5 thoughts on “Jealous guy drives other guy to the middle of nowhere over a girl and…

  1. The movie I’m thinking right away is an 80’s movie. If so, it sure sounds like ‘A night in heaven’ with Chris Atkins, Leslie Ann Warren and the handsome rugged looker Robert Logan. Love love loved this movie. Very sexy. Chris is a naughty cutie. Lol good luck.

    I been looking for a slasher 80’s film similar to American Gothic but nobody else must have watched it because I get no luck. I’m 38 so know lots of flicks, just this one movie is eating me up.

  2. I looked flicked through A Night in Heaven (on YouTube) and I can’t find the scene. I’m thinking it may have been a little early but I’ll take a closer look at the film later 🙂

    (This is the guy that asked the question)

  3. I am very sure it is not “A Night in Heaven” because I loved that movie and owned it for a long time (still do). The closest it comes to is the husband rowing out to a middle of a lake and brandishing a gun to kill Chris Atkin’s (who just had sex with the man’s wife), but Chris starts bawling and the guy feels bad for him. In the end he just sort of leaves him in the boat crying. No unzipping of pants… at least not in that moment.

  4. I’ve scoured the whole YouTube video but I can’t find the scene I’m after. Plus, the husband looks far too old than the guy in my head. Thanks anyway 🙂

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