Japanese Horror

So sometime in the mid-2000s, I found this movie at Blockbuster. (OMG remember video rental stores?) It was a Japanese language horror / thriller. Pretty twisted really.

The story centered around a pair of brothers, one or both of whom were handicapped. One was definitely in a wheelchair, the other might’ve been blind? I’m not sure on that. Any way, these brothers move into a house with an old lady for some reason, and she proceeds to fuck with and torture the living daylight out of them. The scene I especially remember is the wheelchair guy is out side and you see her running up the street. Pan back and forth… she’s still running…. long time running… Lancelot running up to the castle in Monty Python’s Holy Grail… still running. Finally she reaches him, and dumps a plate full of bugs, centipedes, spiders, etc. all over wheelchair bro’s lap. I think at another point she feeds their pet parrot (parakeet?) to them. Then at the end she gets hit by a… bus? truck? van?


Been desperately trying to find it, and get some weird and depressing search results Googling for “old woman tortures wheelchair boy throws bugs on him”. Help please!

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