Japanese Classic Film (English Subtitles)

The movie was shown to me by a friend who is somewhat of a movie buff. They introduced it as a classic. It was japanese with english subtitles.

Possibly from the 1970’s? I think it was in color but might have been black and white.

The scene I remember vividly is a mother and son are sitting eating breakfast together in a tradition japanese house (rice paper dividers, sitting on the floor, etc.). The son is an adult and is wearing a suit. His mother is concerned for him? and he brushes her off and says he has to go to work. Turns out he doesn’t actually have a job and just goes to the trainyard (or junkyard??) to pretend to be a train conductor every day.

This is just one of the stories about one of the many people this movie is about. It’s like a commentary on Japanese culture.

I also remember a scene where there’s women all standing around and gossiping and it becomes clear that 2 women are cheating on their husbands with each others husbands?? Or something?

It was a wild ride of a movie. Kind of avant garde with striking visuals. Very slow with not much overall plot. Just a bunch of snapshots of these different peoples lives.

It was so so well done and interesting though and it’s been driving me crazy. The friend that showed it to me doesn’t remember and I’ve tried a lot of googling with no effect. Any help would be more than appreciated.

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    1. I was wanting to watch other stuff by the writer! His name is Akira Kurosawa and his stuff is STILL getting made into movies after his death! He’s so prolific! I’m so excited to watch more stuff by him!

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