Japanese, american, koi fish movie.

I’m trying to find this movie for years now. I saw it maybe 6 years ago( or maybe more, I can’t remember) and I will basically tell you everything I remember.

Basically a women and a man meet in Japan(not sure) and they fall in love, get married and have a baby. The guy is american(maybe english?) and the woman is from europe. Some part of the action happens in Japan, some in Europe and some in the USA.

Some key moments from the movie that I remember:

1.The guy buys a Japanese Koi fish and raises him in the bathtub hoping that the he will sell it for a bigger price when it matures. Theres a scene where he showes the fish to his infant child.

2. The women starts a tailoring business(not sure where, Japaan most likely) and has japanese women employees. At some point the business goes well and they become rich.

3.The married couple gets separated at some point but can’t remember how it ends.

4. She moves back home in Europe, if I remember correctly she is Romanian( the actress is most likely american).

5.The female role might be played by Uma Thurman.I checked her IMDB movie list and I couldn’t find it. Theres a big chance I might be wrong.

P.S. It’s not “Lost in tanslation”. If you saw the movie I’m sure you will find my descriptions familiar.



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