January 14th reflection

A movie scene I recall from childhood while at the drive in theatre with my mother before she passed away (January 14th 1971). So this movie goes back to at least 1970 and possibly even the middle to later 60’s (I was born in 63)She was with a date and was hoping I slept through the movie but I looked up and she tried to cover my eyes. It was not a scary movie I do not think. The scene was seeming to be in a cocktail lounge and it was dark. There were some ladies walking around, possibly cocktail waitresses, not sure. But the identifiable feature was they had blue boobs and blue butts , but I do not think they were actually naked as I recall them looking as though they were plastic pieces molded to look like boobs and butts that were nude. The blue was either because they were fluorescent or a black light, and there may have been some other black-light or fluorescent items. Any help would be great. I have tried to find it but no luck yet and I know it is not much to go on. Thanks in advance.

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