I’ve been looking for this a long time

I saw this movie a long time ago, I remember seeing this movie around the same time the movie ‘Go!’ was new.

But anyways, it’s about a guy who’s convinced by his black co-worker to help steal a bunch of drugs. All goes well until a few days later when these thugs grab the guy at his home and take him to a car.

In the passenger seat there’s a black drug boss sitting, calmly drinking from a juice box. He says without looking at the guy ‘I found out, don’t matter how I found out, I found out.’

Then they take him to their place, inside the co-worker is being tortured with cola. Guy shakes up the bottle and the boss guy makes a point of it that it isn’t pleasant.

Now they make the guy a deal, he can go free along with his friend if he comes up with enough money in the same night. His friend needs to stay with them though.

And that’s just about everything I can remember about the movie, I don’t remember what the actors look like. At least not that I’m able to describe them.

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