Is it okay to try this again if the last post on my first attempt was back in July? I hope so, this is my second attempt to find this thing.

The movie was live action, color and in English. Very possibly a sci-fi film.

The movie starts in a lab full of cryogenic stasis pods, one which a pair of scientists open, discussing the human experiment inside.

Shortly after the experiment wakes up, it uses its’ powerful psychic abilities to make a break for it. They send a bunch of armed guards after her(?) but bullets do nothing to stop the experiment’s escape as it tosses them aside, throwing the guards into the walls with its’ powers.
One of the few moments I still clearly recall was the experiment saying “I’m sorry” to a guard before knocking them unconscious.

She then runs into the light and into the wilderness, free from wherever this lab was. This was shown from a helicopter report, and the reporter lady had red hair. That’s all I’ve got.

Movies it isn’t:
Any of the Species films, none of them are close minus the short lab escape in the first one.

None of the Resident Evil movies.

Underworld: Awakening isn’t it either, despite the cryogenics and two scientists.

Something to mention:
This movie was released on DVD, we got it from a random red-box specifically.

It had a DVD menu, looked like a monitor with a static image of a lifeline in the background.

The scientists in the beginning were talking about the experiment’s deadly psychic abilities, something I only remember because instead of calling it Esp, Pk, or Psi, they called it something else, and it sounded pretty stupid to younger me. I can’t remember what.

Any help would be great, since my first attempt to find this movie apparently failed.

4 thoughts on “Is it okay to try this again if the last post on my first attempt was back in July? I hope so, this is my second attempt to find this thing.

  1. There’s no official rule on re-posts, but if it’s fallen off the first page I usually don’t object to people posting again. After a month or two its fine to try again.

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s it, it certainly wasn’t a well-known movie. Details about it are fuzzy, but I’m certain the main character’s hair wasn’t red, although it could possibly be brown.

  2. My memory’s a bit fuzzy, but I think I have a time frame figured out. It couldn’t have come out after 2012, but I don’t know how old the movie exactly was.

    I want to say I saw this movie somewhere between 2009 to 2012. It was apart of a random grab of three redbox movies together, so I have no idea when the movie I’m looking for came out.

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